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About Cookies

Cookies are small, usually randomly encoded, text files that help you navigate through a website. They are generated on the sites that you visit as well as by third-parties that websites work with to manage key elements of their business (user functionality and advertising, for instance). In most cases they do not involve or use personal information in any way.

They are extensively used online and have become part of the fabric and make-up of what has made the internet work so effectively for consumers and businesses. Without cookies many areas of functionality for example, user logins, shopping baskets and other customisation features will not work.

If you want to limit or turn off the usage of cookies, change your browser settings. For more information on cookies please visit cookiecentral.com.

First Party Cookies


Host: statcounter.com
is_unique (cookie lasts 5 years)
Statcounter provides us with statistical information about the number of visitors to our website.

Third Party Cookies

We operate as an affiliate of a number of travel companies (Advertisers). These are managaed by a third party (often called an Affiliate Network). Clicking on a link to affiliated website (affiliate link) may mean that a tracking cookie is installed on your computer by the Affiliate Network or Advertiser. Examples of these are below:

Affiliate Future

eg. http://scripts.affiliatefuture.com/AFClick.asp?affiliateID=5114&merchantID=3977&programmeID=9968&mediaID=0&tracking=&url=

Host: scripts.affiliatefuture.com
ASP.NET_SessionId (cookie lasts until end of session)
MP3673 (cookie lasts 13 months)

Affiliate Window

eg. http://www.awin1.com/awclick.php?mid=2365&id=30059

Host: awin1.com
aw1873 (cookie lasts 13 months)

For more information see the Affiliate Window Privacy Policy (PDF)


eg. http://being.successfultogether.co.uk/click.asp?ref=298744&site=6792&type=text&tnb=1

Host: successfultogether.co.uk
ASP.NET_SessionId (cookie lasts until end of session)
affili_0 (cookie lasts 10 years)
affili_6792 (cookie lasts 1 month)

Buy At

eg. http://holidaydestinations.at/pds

Advertiser, eg. Expedia stores referring website as a Cookie.

Commission Junction

eg. http://www.tkqlhce.com/click-1175369-10407577
eg. http://www.jdoqocy.com/click-2447270-10377795

Advertiser, eg. Air France stores referring website as a Cookie.

For more information see the CJ Privacy Policy


eg. http://track.omguk.com/?PID=5224&AID=4134&CID=584175&MID=4883&WID=11375

Host: track.omguk.com
4883%2DMID (cookie lasts 2 weeks)
Global (cookie lasts 12 months)
ASPSESSIONIDCQSABRCR (cookie lasts until end of session)

For more information see the OMG Advertising & Privacy Policy


eg. http://clkuk.tradedoubler.com/click?p=17793&a=119176&g=18084252

Host: tradedoubler.com
TradeDoublerGUID (cookie lasts 12 months)
TD_EH_O (cookie lasts 12 months)

For more information see the Tradedoubler Privacy Policy


For more information see the Webgains Privacy Policy


eg. http://ad.zanox.com/ppc/?4698149C219853136T

Host: ad.zanox.com
ztcc (cookie lasts until end of session)
zcc (cookie lasts 12 months)

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